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NVWHS will launch its Spring good health detox program April 23. Below is a testimonial from someone who participated in the program last Spring and had a great experience. All the details on signing up for this year's program, or simply coming to a free meeting to learn more, are at the bottom of this page.

Good Health Detox Participant Had a Great Experience

Christine, who lives in Watertown, participated in the 10-day good health detox last Spring at Naugatuck Valley Women’s Health Specialists (NVWHS) and recently described her great experience, saying she would definitely recommend detoxing to others.

“For me it was successful,” Christine said, crediting NVWHS Certified Nutrition Specialist and detox program facilitator Peggy Krotzer with providing very helpful, comprehensive information and important support during detoxing.

“All the information Peggy had given me I definitely utilized to the utmost,” said Christine, who wasn’t trying to address any medical issues through detoxing. “I just wanted to feel healthier and I feel it did do that.”

“My digestion is a lot better. I feel my hunger has been curbed. Sleep is better. My energy level is better,” Christine said, adding, “I did discover the less dairy products I had made me feel better too.”

Answering a question that many people have about detoxing, Christine added, “I did have some weight loss. In the 30 days I did lose maybe 10 pounds.”

The good health detox “emphasizes low glycemic foods and I started emphasizing that,” explained Christine, who continued beyond the 10 days and followed the program for closer to 30 days, until all the materials in the detox kit had run out.

Beyond that, Christine went online and ordered more of the protein meal replacement drinks that are part of detoxing, and she has continued practicing all the good health habits she learned in the NVWHS program.

“If I know I’m going out to a big dinner at night, sometimes I’ll have the drink as a lunch,” Christine said. “Otherwise I use it as a supplement. If I do substitute it, I substitute it at lunch.”

Addressing another common question, Christine assured those considering detoxing with Peggy and NVWHS that the protein drink tastes good, not bad.

“As a nutritionist Peggy is very knowledgeable and very helpful,” Christine said. “Her support was very important.”
NVWHS is holding another 10-day detox this Spring. 

The kick-off informational meeting in the Middlebury office is scheduled for Monday, April 23, from 7 to 8 p.m. There is no charge to attend this meeting to learn about the benefits and the “how to” of detoxing. To reserve your seat for the meeting, call Peggy at 203-446-6888, e-mail her at or register at the front desk at NVWHS.

Those who know they want to participate in the 10-day program should order a detox kit by April 11 for pickup at the April 23 meeting by calling Diane at NVWHS at 203-575-1811, ext. 124. The cost for the program is $145, which includes meal replacement protein shakes, easy to follow directions, a probiotic for healthy gastrointestinal function, guidance from Peggy and more.