So You’re Having a Baby!

Congratulations! We are honored to work with you as you bring another generation to your family.

Every pregnancy is unique, inviting new questions and concerns. Your specific needs are NVWHS’s priority, and we will assist you every step of the way in your childbirth preparation choices. As your baby grows and your pregnant body undergoes amazing changes, we will help you make informed decisions on important pre-natal topics, including nutrition, exercise, pre-natal testing, high-risk pregnancy, and labor and delivery.

A woman’s pregnancy and her baby’s birth are significant and transforming life events. We wish to help make your experience a positive and memorable one.

At NVWHS, we strongly believe in patient education. We have put together an extensive web-based resource center to give you useful and up to date medical information about your pregnancy and healthcare.

As your pregnancy progresses, we will refer you back to this site to learn more about your baby’s growth and development. We invite you to read the various sections before each visit, helping to make your time during office visits more valuable. 

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